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Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor

Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor
National Spine Care is your local Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor office. Whether you are a highly trained professional athlete or simply a weekend warrior, National Spine Care offers advanced sports medicine services, designed to get you out of pain and back on track as quickly as possible. 
The highly specialized and experienced team at National Spine Care is fully committed to helping athletes of all ages maintain physical health and improve overall performance. No matter your chosen sport or physical activity, their experienced sports medicine specialists provide individualized health care to meet your specific needs. Sports medicine physicians can diagnose and treat a wide range of athletic injuries.
Your Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor at National Spine Care can treat:
- Shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tendinitis, shoulder dislocations, AC sprains
- Biceps tendonitis/tears
- Muscle strains, sprains, and cramps
- Elbow pain and tendonitis (i.e., tennis and golfer’s elbow)
- Hip flexor tendinitis, abductor tendinitis, bursitis, snapping hip syndrome, labral tears, impingement
- Runner’s knee, IT band syndrome, meniscal tears, cartilage injuries, ligament injuries
- Shin splints
- Sprained or twisted ankles
- Achilles tendon injuries
- Stress fractures
- And more
It’s essential that you find out if your sports injury requires surgery. The Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor at National Spine Care is available for rapid consultation to help diagnose and determine if your problem needs surgery.
If you’re in pain, you need a local Calgary Sports Medicine Doctor to help with pain management. For decades, injections of cortisone were used by medical doctors to help reduce pain. This treatment was not always effective and left holes in pain management for the patient. Research studies are continuing to identify the flaw in conventional wisdom regarding cortisone injections.
Where does that leave the patient? A surgeon is frequently asked to cut open the body part and cut away damaged tissue, or insert a screw or plate to limit the movement of the painful joint.  But, as with many other treatments, there are no guarantees that surgery will eliminate your pain, and there is always a chance the surgery will make things worse. 
At National Spine Care, patients are asking their trusted Calgary Sports medicine Doctor about non-surgical and non-pharmacological alternatives to help reduce their pain. In response, they are pleased that the clinical staff includes a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician to consult on all available non-surgical treatment options.
A growing number of clinics in Calgary are eager to offer these treatments. Your Sports Medicine Doctor is very excited to be ahead of the curve in offering this safe and effective, physician-delivered treatment right here in the Calgary office. Working in close communication with your Sports Medicine Doctor at NSC, Dr. Frank Johnson will offer you advise about which non-surgical treatment options are safe and likely to be effective.
Comprehensive pain management options are available in National Spine Care’s Calgary facility. Make an appointment with a Sports Medicine Doctor by calling 403-270-7252, and get back on track to your life.
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